Brzoglas d.o.o.

  • Fiber reinforced composites manufacturer for products used in shipbuilding, auto industry, railways and telecommunications.
  • CNC made polyester and epoxy resin plugs and moulds.
  • Vacuum pressed carbon and kevlar high resistance products

Brzoglas d.o.o. production consists of:

  • glass fiber composite parts,
  • carbon fiber composite parts,
  • hot press composite parts,
  • CNC plugs for composites,
  • polyester molds and
  • epoxy molds.

Production techniques used:

  • Vacuum bagging techniques,
  • Vacuum infusion/injection,
  • Hand wet lay-up,
  • Carbon-epoxy or polyester prepreg lamination,
  • Tempering of composite parts in a computer-controlled oven up to 120°C and
  • Hand sanding and polishing of plugs and molds.